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Thought by enthusiasts, Tesla-4u allows you to make the use of your car easier, it helps you to increase your eco-driving and you can also challenge your community !

Your eco-driving is calculated thanks to few datas : your consumption, your car’s energy recovery, your acceleration and the number of kilometers crossed.

The datas are daily renewed and so Tesla-4u is able to make a ranking with the best eco-drivers !


06/19/18 ‘s ranking

The percentage represents the efficiency of your car. It means that if you have a 100% efficiency, your car does not consume more energy than what the automaker, Tesla, theoretically assume the car needs.

In this ranking, made on the 19thof June 2018, the winner had an efficiency of 139,29% which signifies that the car recovers 39,29% of energy while driving !

What about you ?