Wherever you have done your registration, you need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the mail you have received.

After your account activation, you can log to T4U applications with your T4U account.

To link your car(s) to your T4U account you need to enter your Tesla Motors ID.
We need your login and password official from Tesla to get a token and access to your car. Your login and password are never store in our database, and immediatly send to Tesla Motors to request a token.
Our app never request your car, but only the Tesla motors database.

From your profil screen, click on the “Delete account” button. Then click on the link on the mail you received to confirm that you want to delete your T4U account.

By deleting your account, you delete all of your data from our databases.

Not yet in the application.

If you want to revoke your token, you need to change your password in Tesla.com account.

We never keep your ID so if you revoke your token, T4U can’t access to your car any more.

At the next connection, T4U ask you to enter your ID again to check a new Token.

As a European company, we are subject to the GRPD. We therefore have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and we ensure that these new legal obligations are also applied to our clients. Whether it is the data processing register, information on the use of data to the end customer, right to portability. Finally, and in accordance with the new legislative framework, the data that T4U harvests are stored according to the instructions of its customers and only the time necessary for their processing. Users obviously have the right to access, rectify, oppose, delete and portability of these data at any time.

We are securing your data at the collect source to the stockage to guarantee their integrity and confidentiality.

Also we block access to data, identify any user and verify that they are authorized to access it.

When the offline mode (also call sleep mode)  is activate, T4U stop to request Tesla Motor and you don’t have any current informations about your car.

This mode is usefull if you don’t need to get data from your car.

T4U allows you to stop the resquest to Tesla Motors either with car’s command “Sleep mode” or trought scheduling.

Each time you charge, T4U’s algorithm estimate your real battery pack .

In fact the battery are not fully usable, and it’s normal to have a difference. For exemple, you need to know that :
– a 100 KWH pack also give about 98 KWH
– a 90 KWH pack give about 82 KWH
– a 75 KWH pack give about 71 KWH
– a 85 KWK pack give about 78 KWH

T4U only request Tesla Motors API, so we don’t request directly your car.

However, Third-party apps have historically been known to result in drain on the battery because they query the vehicle with a frequency that delays, or prevent, the vehicle from entering the “sleep” state. This happens because a query of the data when the car is awake will result in a reset of the sleep countdown timer. 

To avoid this drain consumption, T4U allows you to stop the resquest to Tesla Motors either with car’s command “sleep mode” or trought scheduling.

Becareful that when “sleep mode” is activate you don’t have any current informations about your car.

T4U will never sell your data. We will not share your personal data with any other party either. You own your data. You control your privacy. T4U acts on your behalf according to your permissions.