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We have lots of received ideas concerning electric cars, that’s why we thought it might be useful to highlight the pros and cons.

Major ecological advantage

Indeed, electric car does not produce greenhouse gas, does not emit hydrocarbon or smoke : no CO2 emission.

Even if the battery production needs energy, and so is still an aspect to developp, the electric vehicle is still the best option to reduce CO2 and fine particles emission in the world, which are harmful for health.

Our lungs thank us !

Economical advantage

Yes, even if the selling price of electric vehicles can be high, some economical advantages can be a motivation to take the plunge. In some countries, a financial aid from the Government can be given, up to 27% the amount of the car in some case. Some state also give a bonus if you change your thermal car to an electric one up to 2 500€.

Having an electric car is also having less expenses on the roads, charging an average of 100km cost around 2€of electricity instead of an equivalence of 8,5€ for a Diesel : it is as if your thermal car uses only 1,5/100km.

Also, an electric car means no more oil change or changing the filters !

Electric cars or Thermal cars

Tesla supercharger point

Battery Life

It is the crux of matter of electric cars : able to do 160km today for the French brands Citroën C-Zero, Peugeot ion or Renault Kangoo ZE, the best ones are still the Tesla cars that can do up to 613km. But the battery life of electric cars is still viewed as a constraint. However, the number of charging points in the USA has increased by 18% since 2016.

Electric cars or thermal cars

In France, the Government has agreed to install 7 billion charging points within 2030. And as this chart shows, the number of charging points in the U.S hasn’t stopped increasing.

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