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The number of electric cars sold in the world doesn’t stop increasing. Indeed, in 2017, this number has reached the 3 million and it won’t stop. It is still a niche market but it is starting playing a major role in this market !

Public aids, fall of the batteries production costs and cars makers offering more and more designs are all reasons why consumers go electric.

EV-Volume, a Sweden group that keeps up with the worldwide electric cars market, predict that the sells will reach approximatively 5 million the number of electric cars from now until the end of 2018.

electric cars

Tesla Model X charging

China, the first worldwide cars market, with around 28,03 million brand new personal cars sold in 2016, has decreed that all car manufacturers whose production exceed 30 000 cars on its territory will have to produce a minimum quota of “green vehicle” starting from 2019.

The Japonese brand Toyota had made the process that they won’t ever launch thermal cars without its hybrid or total electric version.

Renault-Nissan, that became the first car maker with its Mitsubishi acquisition, is getting ready to launch 12 brand new electric cars from now to 2022. The Volkswagen group and its 8 brands have extended the number to 50 for 2025, while the other German giant, Daimler, owner of Mercedes and Smart, has announced the launch of 10 “zero emission” vehicles from now to 2022 under its new brand EQ.