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You can now follow and manage your Tesla model S, X or 3 :
Indeed with T4u for Tesla allows you to travel with confidence thanks to its algorithms developed by its research and development team and validated over thousands of kilometers by hundreds of Tesla drivers around the world. Ours algorithms provide you with our own calculated indicators based on the metrics provided by MyTesla, your current driving style and other meteorological, topological parameters.

Integrated into a global ecosystem, users of a connected automobile benefit from a wide range of services and applications intended primarily for the driver, but also for passengers.

By exploiting the data produced by vehicles linked to T4U, our application and our services make it possible to plan its route and its recharges, anticipate maintenance, improve its performance or program various actions such as preheating, vehicle monitoring or charging.
By relying on Waze for Tesla, and on the infrastructure of the road network, we warn drivers about the flow of traffic, or danger zones in order to avoid accidents.

  • Dashboard
  • Events
  • Chargers
  • Settings

At a glance you can access
various indicators of your vehicle.

Vehicle's state

  • Autonomy in km or mile,
  • Commande’s status,
  • Daily ranking,
  • Manage and schedule your car

Battery pack

  • Battery level,
  • Remaining energy in kwh,
  • Average consumption in Wh per km or mile

Current activity

  • Efficiency,
  • Energy consumed or added in kWh,
  • Average energy consumed in Wh per km or mile,
  •  Duration of the activity

Find your car

  • Follow or locate your car,
  • Go to your car

Access at the timeline
of your vehicle.

Filter your activities by

  • Car,
  • Day

Daily indicators

  • Distance travel and number of drive’s activities,
  • kWh consumption,
  • kWh added and number of charge’s activities,
  • Efficiency ranking

Flow of activies with

  •  Activity type (driven, parked or charged),
  • Activity duration

For each activity, you can access to

  • Summary,
  • Battery power charge,
  • Battery level,
  • Power chart

Find Tesla Charger
all around the world.

Type of Tesla chargers

  • Superchargers,
  • Destination charges,
  • Service centers,
  • Store centers

For each charging point

  • Detail of the charging point,
  • Road to charging point

Manage your user preference

Define your metrics

  • km or mile,
  • Farenheit or Celsius

Notification for update

  • Display current app’s version versus available

Update your account

  • Change your avatar,
  • Change firstname and lastname,
  • Change your T4U account password,
  • Remove your T4U account

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Founded in 2018 by a team of owners, computer scientists and designers passionate about Tesla, T4U allows you to keep track of all the activities of your car.

As a start-up, it benefits from the support and expertise of ARROWS Group that offers a full range of skills and IT services (Global Services, Mobility, Architecture, Intranet, Business Intelligence).

Why choose T4U

In a world of connected devices, we asked ourself why ours tesla are disconnected from the could ? We set out to change this …

Users Experience

Take advantage of the usage statistics of all our tesla's users and optimize your travel times, for exemple by knowing in advance your real autonomy and visualizing the points of charge.

Securing Data

Our datas are encrypted and stored in the Azure microsoft cloud. You benefit from all the power of microsoft servers and the huge computing capacity they offer us.

Control your Vehicule

Monitor your battery pack, challenge your consumption with that of the community, schedule your heating or end of charge, and enjoy every trip with T4U for Tesla

What our clients say

I really like the history it provides. Also very convenient to know where are the Tesla's superchargers and prepare my itineraries.
Emily Rotten
Simple and effective application for owners. It allows to have more info about the car, both from his phone or tablet than from the car itself. Very complementary to the official Tesla app.
Sébastien Devos
Amazing application that replaced the official Tesla application. The accessible version in the car is very very useful. And the top is the tablet app that allows me to relive my journeys. A must have.
Laury Jenskin