tesla 4u is an offer of multi-platform services for the owners of  Tesla vehicle.

tesla 4u provides :

  • RealTime indicators to improve your eco-driving (real time calculation of your consumption, display of the real autonomy left depending of your driving mode, …)
  • Usage statistic of your Tesla by journey or by calendar period(kw consumed/charged, battery wear level, driving efficiency, …)
  • Itinerary simulator taking into account your driving habits, the battery charge and the charging spot.
  • Cartography including an exhaustive list of recharging spots for electric vehicles
  • Create your own users community of users in order to challenge other users and their knowledge about eco-driving and share your indicators
  • Weather widget, access to your google photo gallery or the traffic…

tesla 4u is available via:

  • Application on-board of the vehicle
  • Community website
  • Mobile application (iOS, Android)

tesla 4u is concerned about the confidentiality of your data, and therefore guarantees:

  • Your Tesla identifiers are necessary only for the etablishment of the connexion with the Tesla servers (Your login and password are directly transferred to the Tesla server and aren’t kept by tesla 4u)
  • Our facility is managed by awell knowned host (OVH) within one of their datacenters located in France
  • The vehicle data are:
    • Collected from the Tesla servers, not from your vehicle
    • Crypted and saved in our servers