Throwback COP23 : The « Light Us » Rally

With the objectif of fighting against global warming, the MIPAI association has created the « Light Us » rally that take place during the yearly COP summit.

A connected, smart and photovoltaic torch is handed over from a COP organizer nation to another. It is aboard electric and hybrid cars that this symbolic torch travels from COP to COP.

Upon the COP 22 in Marrocco, a cortege of 7 Tesla made the trip from Paris, where the COP 21 took place, to Marrakech. Last year, a cortege of 20 Tesla, more than the double, has accompanied the torch from Marrakech to Bonn, in Germany for the 3rd occasion of this convention.

Tesla rallye COP light us

During this rally, Tesla-4u has fitted the cars with the app to make the relay more simple and pleasurable. Indeed, « Light Us »is not a rally based on speed but has the aim to prevent and raise awareness of global warming among everyone and to show that travelling by electric car is not a constraint.

So we provided all the necessary informations and did a ranking of the best eco-driver !

The participants could have access to all the informations in real time concerning their cars and the availablility of the charging points on their way.

Tesla-4u will also be present in the participants’ cars at the end of 2018 for the COP 24 in Katowice, Poland, for the enjoyement and the pleasure of all !

For more informations on the « Light Us » rally, visit

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