For iOS


this is a multi-car app. So you can have a lot of tesla and you have one page to show all of them.Then you’ll have live information like Battery range,battery level, activities, location and more… On the top you also have your daily ranking / our community efficiency drive



You can control your car in real time, or also programme charges, HVAC or our new Safe Mode.
The safe mode : With built-in GPS tracking all cars will immediately send an alert to the T4U Cloud when an unauthorized movement of the Tesla occurs, instantaneously alerting the owner of the theft and providing constant location status updates. when is activate, close the door, put alarm on, and save the GPS position. We recommande you to out also the car in valet mode.



Tracking your activities…

You can now track all of your activitier of each day. Driving, Charging, Parking, you know all of your day travel and consumption. a lot of graphs allow you to see more and more about your drive or you charging time and speed

We put also in our app, all of super-charging point.