Tesla4U : About Battery charge

Did you know, you can have a look of your charge level on the T4U app. There is a lot of information on charging : Kwh added During of charge average speed charge autonomy addedyou also can see some graphics of speed charge / % charge and another of % charge / time. It’s possible to compare the KWH charged in pack / KHW sent    Tesla preconise not to charge every time on the superchargers and not at 100% . Try now on Appstore or Webapp

T4U – about informations (i)

Do you really use T4U app ? by clicking on (i) you’ll have all car’s information. You will find the model, the odometer, and a calculation made on the capacity of your battery as well as an estimate of its loss of autonomy. These calculations are based on information collected from TESLA servers, and reprocessed by our calculators. They will refine with each load, and it is necessary to wait several days before obtaining a stable and weighted information. We have posted on the home page the average curve of loss of battery autonomy. It is recommended by TESLA not to overload […]