The application that will change Tesla cars users’ lives

Tesla-4u is an application that will be available on Apple Store and Android soon. It has been created to facilitate the every day use of Tesla cars!

Created and designed by electric cars enthusiasts, Tesla-4u is the 1st app providing you :

  • Real time indicators displaying your eco-driving by calculating your consumption, your car’s real battery life, and its efficiency.
  • Your car’s usage statistics by trip, by day or by calendar period : kwh consumed and charged, real time battery power level, average efficiency, battery capacity and its wear, etc.
  • A route simulator taking into account your driving habits, your battery power level and the charging points on your way.
  • A map including the available charging points.
  • Create your community and challenge each others to know who will be the best eco-driver !

You will be able to use Tesla-4u on your phone but also in your Tesla.

Tesla-4u is hardly involved in the securing and privacy of your datas, and we guarantee that :

  • Your Tesla login details are only used to make the connection with Tesla servers. Your user name and password are directly transmitted to Tesla servers and are not stored by Tesla-4u.
  • Our datas are encrypted, saved and secured.

Tesla-4u app